Marketing to win?

I especially like the idea that no company can build an average product and market it to win. I believe that the way to win is to build best-in-class products that meet the needs of users. Marketing is really about demand creation, not about defining products and then selling them. “If you build it, they will come” no longer works.

Many marketers think that they know what the customers needs and build products that they think customers want. That simply won’t work, you end up with products that don’t solve problems and customers simply don’t want them.  Other marketers try to figure out what customers need, build prototypes and then ask customers to try them. Again, why would customers who don’t have a problem with their existing solution try something that you build? Start by asking customers about their problems, their wish list, what motivate them to replace their existing products. Start by thinking about how you can solve their problems, start by understanding how you can create a product that has sustainable competitive advantages. Provide the vision and challenge and rally the product development team to solve the problems that customers face, that’s the way to go.

Read this blog by Nilofer Merchant. What Replaces Marketing – Nilofer Merchant.


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