Product Management: Skills & Talents

Product Manager skills

Product Manager skills

Here is a table of key skill areas required for Product Management that I found on:

I agree with most of the requirements, however, I think people skills and Creative ability should be rated High as well. Without people skills, it would be very challenging to lead cross-functional teams. Product managers must be able to influence and convince all functional areas and all levels within a company. Without good people skills, I doubt the product manager can get things done.

I also think that to be a success product manager, creative ability is high on the list of requirements. It is essential that a product manager can leverage his/her technical skills and creatively find solutions to tough and often unsolved problems. The product manager must also know how to perform market research, find competitive information, potential customers and justify investments in new products. He or she must also know how to trade off various aspects of a product such as price, performance and unique features to create products that solve problems for customers. Without creativity, it would not be possible to define products that will generate demand and revenue growth.


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