Google Nexus 10 review

Google Nexus 10 review.

The Google Nexus 10 with 16 GB of memory is priced at $399 and seems to be a good alternative to Apple’s IPAD 4. The PLS (Plane to Line Switching) technology on the Google Nexus 10 is not a new technology. Samsung introduced this panel technology back in 2011 and touts that it offers wide viewing angles similar to IPS panels as well as improved performance in color reproduction, black depth and responsiveness.

Plane to Line Switching technology is roughly 10% brighter and offers about 2x increase in wide angle viewing. It offers higher contrast, decreased power consumption, faster response time and lesser reflection. This technology is used in Samsung’s Galaxy 10.1 Tablet as well as the Google Nexus 10.

Samsung PLS

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CMOS And SOI Invade RF Front End | Semiconductor Manufacturing & Design Community


CMOS And SOI Invade RF Front End | Semiconductor Manufacturing & Design Community.


Qualcomm’s RF360 front-end device is not an immediate threat to GaAS-based PA suppliers like RFMD, Skyworks and TriQuint. Most don’t believe that CMOS based PAs are not ready to replace GaAS based PAs but Qualcomm’s announcement signals a viable alternative is coming.


The high level of integration of the RF360 is also a significant advantage. It not only includes a CMOS based multi-mode, multi-band PA, it also has integrated antenna tuning as well as envelop tracking ICs built in. Qualcomm’s use of a package on package (PoP) solution to launch its first RF front-end is also interesting and shows that they wanted to push a product with multiple ICs out first and then work on further integration later. See the complexity of implementing PoP packaging in the following picture.


Screen shot 2013-05-18 at 10.37.26 PM


I look forward to the day when more competitors are pushing the RF front end integration further and that truly monolithic solution with high quality and lower costs will be available.


Product Life Cycle: Is it outdated?

Image of the four major product life cycle stages

Image of the four major product life cycle stages (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Product Life Cycle – Encyclopedia – Business Terms |

Product Life Cycle is definitely an important term in marketing. page on product life cycle is the best one I have seen. I think the concept of extending the product life is quite an interesting one. It is not always about introducing new products and pushing the latest technology. In semiconductor industry, there is constant pressure to reduce cost and to shrink the devices, so perhaps it is not all about developing new products and investing in new design tools. A balance between extending product life cycle and a razor sharp focus on addressing customer needs is the way to go.

Here is an interesting case study by Kellogg’s on extending the product lifecycle

Samsung Claims 5G Mobile Breakthrough – Digits – WSJ

Samsung Claims 5G Mobile Breakthrough – Digits – WSJ.

Wall Street Journal’s article on Samsung 5G breakthrough reveals very little details of what a 5G network is. Only reference to bandwidth is the transmission of super-high-definition movies in seconds. Even this is not enough to figure much out.

Another article I found ( discussed about the actual data-rate of 1 Gbps across a distance of 2 Km (1.2 miles). Frequency of operations is at 28 GHz, mm wave. Target time line for 5G standard is 2020, which is 7 years away..

Well, even 4G is not ubiquitous, so only time will tell what’s next.

Teardown: HTC One smartphone

I like the teardown in EETimes: Teardown: HTC One smartphone.

Better yet, you can see a step by step teardown by following the following link:

HTC one

All ICs in the motherboard are located on the front side of the motherboard.

  • All ICs are located on the front side of the motherboard:

    Elpida BA164B1PF 2 GB DDR2 RAM + Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 quad-core 1.7 GHz CPU

    Samsung KLMBG4GE2A 32 GB NAND flash memory

    Qualcomm PM8921 power management IC

    Qualcomm MDM9215M 4G GSM/UMTS/LTE modem

    Synaptics S32028

    TriQuint TQM7M9023 multi-band power amplifier

    Broadcom BCM4335 single-chip 5G WiFi™ 802.11ac MAC/baseband/radio with Bluetooth 4.0+HS & FM receiver

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