Inside the iPhone 5s | Chipworks Blog




Inside the iPhone 5s | Chipworks Blog.

Wow, I didn’t think that Chipworks will publish such a detailed tear down for free.

Most interesting takeaway for me is the M7 co-processor that is supplied by NXP. It monitors and processes accelerometer, gyroscope and compass data. This is interesting as the NXP LPC18A1 co-processor is based on ARM Cortex-M3 microcontroller, yet another win for ARM. Big loss for AKM and STMicroelectronics and big win for NXP.

Obviously, the most important part of the iPhone 5S is the A7 SoC which has a quad-cord GPU cluster using Imagination Technologies PowerVR serious 6. It supports 3MB of SRAM for the fingerprint sensor, pretty amazing.


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