Latest market share of mobile OS

Mobile OS Market Share

Mobile OS Market Share

The latest IDC Mobile Phone Tracker shows the market share for Android has surpassed the 80% mark. Despite the launch of iphone 5C, 5S, Apple is still a far distant second at 12.9% market share. Obviously, Blackberry is all but gone, garnering only 1.7% market share, making it an OS that has the steepest decline. Microsoft is definitely benefiting from Blackberry’s fall.

I wonder if Samsung’s own Tizen OS that was quietly launched would be making any significant inroad. Check out this link to read about the launch of Samsung Tizen enabled phones.

If we look at the ASP of mobile phones, clearly, Apple still commands a significant premium over other phones. Windows phone is driven mainly by Nokia and it is certainly looking like they are pricing their products more aggressively yet it barely made any dent in the market. Looking at Blackberry’s ASP tells a very different story. Though not the main reason for the decline, one can see that Blackberry tried to ship higher end products which may have sped up the death spiral. In the end, Microsoft benefited from RIM’s decline, it is still going to be very challenging for Microsoft to gain further market share.


ASP of mobile phones

ASP of mobile phones





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