Game consoles help AMD gain x86 market share



Cpu AMD (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Xbox One, PS4 consoles help AMD gain x86 market share against Intel – Network World.

New game consoles from both Microsoft (XBox One) and Sony (PS4)will be shipped with AMD x86 processors, thus pushing AMD’s x86 market share up to almost 20%. AMD’s x86 processors for the game console market are semi-custom parts with x86 CPUs and graphics core.

AMD’s goal is to diversify out of the PC market. The company is anticipating growth in custom x86 chips for non-PC devices and giving up PC market share (maybe involuntarily) to focus on other markets.

Due to the decline of PC shipments, Intel is also making great efforts to push their x86 CPUs into non-PC applications such as tablets and smartphones. Intel is also banking on the success of 2-in-1 Ultrabook convertible computers to stem the decline of laptops due to the transition to higher end tablet devices.

It is certainly an exciting time for consumers, with lots of choices and plenty of innovation to keep us spending our hard-earned money on increasingly portable computing gadgets.


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