IPhone 5S, iPad Air and Ipad Mini teardowns

The slideshare from JJ Wu is really informative.

Details on the ipad Air shows the various components in the new tablet. Several key components including Application Processor A7, power management PMIC for application processor, Coprocessor M7 (custom part from NXP), audio codec (custom part from Cirrus Logic) have Apple part numbers.

The audio amplifier in the ipad Air is from Maxim rather than Cirrus Logic. This is certainly a major blow to Cirrus Logic. This could explain the 13% drop in Cirrus Logic’s share price on November 11th.

Qualcomm is still the supplier for the baseband modem, transceiver and PMIC for the wireless section of LTE enabled iPad Air. Broadcom continues to enjoy the touchscreen controller. Since  touchscreen components add up to $43 per iPad sold, and the wireless systems total $32 according to IHS, we would expect that Apple will be aggressively pursuing cost down for these components.  If we assume that Apple will sell upwards of 70 million iPads, touchscreen components will cost upwards of $3billion and wireless components will cost upwards of $2.2billion. The battle for Apple’s business in these 2 categories will certainly heat up in the next update.


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