Apple confirms deal for 3D sensing company PrimeSense

Microsoft XBOX 360 Kinect Sensor. it can Expos...

Microsoft XBOX 360 Kinect Sensor. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

PrimeSense, the company that launched 3D sensing technology used in the Kinect by Microsoft will be acquired by Apple for close to $345 million.

PrimeSense is based in Tel Aviv in Israel and is best known for powering gesture control used by Microsoft XBox 360. For its next generation XBox One game console, Microsoft has chosen technologies from 3DV (which it acquired earlier) and Canesta.

Based on the acquisition of PrimeSense, there has been speculation that Apple is preparing for a television offering or enhancements to its current Apple TV product. Regardless of which way Apple goes, it is certainly an exciting development as everyone can look forward to innovation in the living room entertainment platform. For early adopters, they can look forward to shell out more money to get the next big thing in their living room. I like the video that PrimeSense posted on their website, although the parts about ordering pizza and answering the phone with video enabled are not likely scenarios for most consumers.


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