Qualcomm Toq watch

Want a Toq watch for Christmas? Yes, you can pre-order it from Qualcomm‘s web site

Qualcomm TOQ

The Toq watch is really an innovative gadget, with Qualcomm’s Mirasol display technology (MEMS based) which is always on and consumes very little power. It also supports wireless charging, which is really neat and convenient. Unfortunately, you will need an Android phone to use the Toq, if you use iOS, you are out of luck. You should also be running at least version 4.0.3 Android, or preferably Jelly Bean or newer operating systems.

I wonder what sort of problems does the Toq actually solve? I could think of a few:

  1. Phone is sitting in a purse or backpack and results in missed calls during commute.
  2. Phone is set to mute and as a result, missed calls or text messages.
  3. Stock quotes and government alerts are missed as cell phones are not in front of us at all times. Is this a big deal?

I also wonder about the problems that the Toq could bring:

  1. Bluetooth must be turned on at all times for Toq to work. Will this cause battery on the cell phone to drain too quickly?
  2. Is wearing a Toq watch a fashion statement or will it appear too nerdy?
  3. Will the Toq distract drivers while driving? Will it cause OCD type behavior like checking the watch all the time?
  4. If I wish to switch to a different bluetooth connection, can I do it seamlessly? This happens when I get in my car and want to use my bluetooth speakerphone in my car. Is it overly complicated?

I guess the bottom line really is this, what problems is the Toq trying to solve? Is it effective in solving the problems? What are the problems that could be caused by the Toq?  I don’t have the answers 🙂






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