Airbiquity and Baidu partner to provide connected car internet services to China

AirbiquityAirbiquity and Baidu partner to provide connected car internet services to China | 2014-01-08 | Microwave Journal.

It seems that the Internet is making its way into the transportation world in a big way. It is certainly a natural extension to our desire to be constantly connected. We want to listen to streaming audio, have updated traffic information, location based services and to have our emails read to us all while commuting to and from work.

It is understandable that car makers are adding cloud computing to their offerings to create differentiation. Airbiquity and Baidu partnership is certainly an important one. Many people are waking up to the reality that the Chinese market is an attractive one as well as the battle ground for growth.

The question I often ask myself is, do we really need to extend our digital lifestyle into everything that we do? Obviously, despite our desire to communicate anywhere and anytime, being distracted while driving is too much of a safety hazard to be worth the convenience.

I have successfully weaned myself of 4G data on my cell phone for a month. After all, do we really need to check e-mails every couple of minutes while out of the office? Or, do we need to listen to streaming audio on Spotify while we work out at the gym? Do we really need to look at wechat and facebook updates while we are out and about? Perhaps, the real issue is, we desperately want to stay informed constantly, without it, we feel lost and out of touch.


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