How I built it: Stew Leonard’s

I thought much of the video is common sense and yet it is so important.

I like the way Stew put it: “Treat your customer like your own family and friend”. If customers are just numbers, then you can’t really succeed. The customers’ goals is not to make money, they want to solve their problems. A company that does that will be successful. I also like the 2 rules that Stew mentioned in the video:

Rule 1 the customer is always right.

Rule 2, if the customer is ever wrong, re-read Rule 1.

How I wish all companies think that way. It would certainly make me a happy customer ūüôā


RFMD and TriQuint to merge

Big news in the RF semiconductor inudstry this morning. RFMD and Triquint will merge into a pure play RF chip supplier. This will certainly be a stronger company that can compete well against Skyworks, inc and Avago.

The combined company will have the broadcast portfolio of RF chips such as premium filters (SAW/BAW), PA (GaAS as well as CMOS), PMIC, switches (SOI, GaAS), Digital Step Attenuators (GaAS). It will be able to address a broad range of markets including mobile handsets, infrastructure, aerospace and defense.

RFMD and TriQuint to Combine, Creating a New Leader in RF Solutions | 2014-02-24 | Microwave Journal.

Chips Sales Top a Trillion in 2016 | EE Times

Global semiconductor unit shipments have grown so much that it will hit the 1 trillion mark in 2016 (IC Insights Feb 18 report). Back in 1987, semiconductor shipments hit the 100 billion mark, it took 19 years to surpass 500 billion units (2006) . Imagine shipment doubling in just 10 years to 1 trillion units in 2016.

The dramatic rise in semiconductor shipment is due in large part to the consumer market and the growth of game consoles and mobile handsets. There seems to be no end in sight, with wearable devices and automotive telematics gaining momentum, we will likely see hugh growth well into 2020 and beyond.

73% Of Those Who See An Ultra HD TV Want One

According to a CEA research, almost three quarters of consumers who saw Ultra HD TV technology are interested in owning the technology. That says a lot about consumer preferences and how viewing the technology affects their perception of benefits.

Most consumers are skeptical about Ultra HD technology, but changed their minds after seeing the technology in retail outlets. Simply explaining the technology is not enough to persuade consumers to upgrade. Read the 4K Ultra HD on BestBuy’s website to see if you are convinced of the benefits of the technology . ¬†Even if¬†consumers are convinced of the benefits of Ultra HD, many of them are still concerned about availability of Ultra HD television programming (43%) and availability of Ultra HD movies for purchase (24%) or rent (21%).

I was at a local BestBuy recently and saw a Samsung Ultra HD on display there. The video quality is stunning and I must say I want one too. As the price difference between 1080p LED TVs and Ultra HD is still significant, it is hard to justify an Ultra HD at least for the next 18 months or so. This is certainly something that early adopters are not too worried about, so I will let the ecosystem catch up and prices to come down before switching to a Ultra HD TV in the next few years.

US 2013 TV shipments fell 9%

US TV shipment





US Television shipments in fell 9% in 2013 signals saturation of the market for LCD and plasma TV. Another possible reason is that consumers are holding off TV purchases as there are no compelling reasons to replace their existing sets.

What about UltraHD 4K TVs? I believe it will take time for UltraHD 4K TVs to ramp up, largely because there aren’t a lot of content out there. Though prices have come down significantly, the ASPs of UltraHD are still quite high, a 55″ Sony 4K HBR TV costs around $3500 and a 55″ Samsung LED 9000 Series 4K Ultra HD Smart TV costs around $3000. I am sure most consumers won’t fork out so much for their new TV sets unless they can enjoy their favorite content in 4K now rather than wait for more content to be available in a couple of years.

My Invention that made peace with the lions – TED

The article titled “How to give a Killer Presentation” written by Chris Anderson of TED is well worth the read. For me, the key takeaway is that it is possible to coach someone to speak well in public, even if they had no prior experience.

Instead of just sharing the article, I thought it might be even better to share the video of Richard Turere’s presentation titled “My invention that made peace with the lions”. Captivating, inspiring and powerful presentation of a teenage kid! The audience were so impressed that they gave him a standing ovation at the end of his talk.