US 2013 TV shipments fell 9%

US TV shipment





US Television shipments in fell 9% in 2013 signals saturation of the market for LCD and plasma TV. Another possible reason is that consumers are holding off TV purchases as there are no compelling reasons to replace their existing sets.

What about UltraHD 4K TVs? I believe it will take time for UltraHD 4K TVs to ramp up, largely because there aren’t a lot of content out there. Though prices have come down significantly, the ASPs of UltraHD are still quite high, a 55″ Sony 4K HBR TV costs around $3500 and a 55″ Samsung LED 9000 Series 4K Ultra HD Smart TV costs around $3000. I am sure most consumers won’t fork out so much for their new TV sets unless they can enjoy their favorite content in 4K now rather than wait for more content to be available in a couple of years.


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