73% Of Those Who See An Ultra HD TV Want One

According to a CEA research, almost three quarters of consumers who saw Ultra HD TV technology are interested in owning the technology. That says a lot about consumer preferences and how viewing the technology affects their perception of benefits.

Most consumers are skeptical about Ultra HD technology, but changed their minds after seeing the technology in retail outlets. Simply explaining the technology is not enough to persuade consumers to upgrade. Read the 4K Ultra HD on BestBuy’s website to see if you are convinced of the benefits of the technology .  Even if consumers are convinced of the benefits of Ultra HD, many of them are still concerned about availability of Ultra HD television programming (43%) and availability of Ultra HD movies for purchase (24%) or rent (21%).

I was at a local BestBuy recently and saw a Samsung Ultra HD on display there. The video quality is stunning and I must say I want one too. As the price difference between 1080p LED TVs and Ultra HD is still significant, it is hard to justify an Ultra HD at least for the next 18 months or so. This is certainly something that early adopters are not too worried about, so I will let the ecosystem catch up and prices to come down before switching to a Ultra HD TV in the next few years.


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