Smart TVs to overtake streaming devices in the US

RokuAccording to a new report by BI Intelligence, smart TV sales will grow significantly due to falling prices. Smart TVs will become standard in homes across US, Europe and Asia by 2020.

The breakdown between connected TVs via streaming devices vs smart TVs is roughly even today, with streaming devices accounting for 53% of all connected TVs. The other 47% are smart TV.

Popular streaming devices include Apple TV and Roku with Chromecast by Google slowing gaining share. Shipments of Apple TV in 2013 totaled 8 million, compared to 4.5 million Rokus.

The battle for connected TVs will shift to Smart TVs as TV manufacturers ship more and more highly value LCD and LED TVs in 2015 and beyond.

I personally think that the closed platform of Smart TVs is actually a bad thing. First of all, one has to live with the user interface that are shipped with the Smart TVs. Also, it is difficult for TV manufacturers to upgrade the software on a Smart TV after they are shipped to consumers. Having a separate streaming device allow users to upgrade as often as they like and not be tied to what was shipped in their TVs. Let the Apples and Rokus of the world to innovate and discover new ways to use their streaming devices, no sense getting stuck with what the TV manufacturers happen to ship. I like to treat my TV as a dumb display device and hope that it is as simple as possible to use.

Only thing that really matters is the video quality, all the bells and whistles that come with a TV are distractions to a superior viewing experience. Just ask anyone who enjoys watching TVs to see if they know that there are 2 broadcast tuners in their TVs and you will know that much of what is included in a TV is never used.

The Connected TV Landscape: Why Smart TVs And Streaming Gadgets Are Conquering The Living Room 2 – Business Insider.


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