Samsung Galaxy S5 Teardown

Samsung Galaxy S5 Teardown.

I really like the teardown of Samsung Galaxy S5 posted on The comparison table of S4 vs S5 shows the improvements made to the flagship Galaxy phone. A slightly bigger screen 5.1″, better battery 2800 mAh, higher resolution camera 16 MP and most importantly, upgraded mobile processor. The BOM cost edged up from $192.61 to $206.44. Also new is a fingerprint scanner which uses Synaptics VAL0048A8-T chip.

There is also a picture showing the S5 partially submerged in water. So, there is a certain level of waterproof protection added to the S5. Another interesting thing mentioned by one of the teardown reports is that Samsung has completely reconfigured the inside of the phone making it difficult to open but easier to repair.


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