HP’s $99 Android Tablet

HP is trying to win consumers who want low cost tablets and offers them an Android Tablet Hp 7 Plus that costs only $99.

According to reviews, this tablet has low specs and poor battery life of only 5 hours and 30 minutes of usage.  At such rock bottom price, what can one expect?

Despite its shortcomings, it seems to be a popular tablet. It is out of stock on HP’s web site (it is the only way to get it). HP’s is certainly testing its ability to deliver low cost solutions and to compete against white box tablets from China. It may just be able to gain a foothold in this market if it can use its brand to attract cost sensitive buyers and do this at razor thin margins. Perhaps HP has figured out a way to make tablets at low cost and be profitable? Or, is it selling tablets at single digit margins via e-commerce?




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