Microsoft Announces Windows 10

Microsoft Announces Windows 10 | EE Times.

Microsoft claims that Windows 10 will make Windows 7 and Windows 8 users immediately productive. I suspect, Microsoft had enough complaints with WIndows 8 that they decided to skip Windows 9 and just call the new OS Windows 10. They have to defend the new OS even before users get their hands on it. Maybe they are starting to realize that users don’t want to deal with changes in the UI and would stick to what they are familiar with. Windows 10 will still include a Start menu which they so desparately wanted to get rid of.

The idea that Microsoft is going to have one single platform for PCs, tablets, smartphones and Internet of Things is really quite a stretch. Seems like they want to unify the user experience across various platforms, which have dramatically different usage models and applications. They are just thinking about making it easy for Microsoft and not the users. They feel that users like to look at Windows UI on their phones, which I think is quite the opposite. I for one would like a different experience and user interface on my mobile device. I just can’t imagine having the same uninspiring experience on my mobile devices to be quite honest. The problems with Microsoft Windows and the enormous amount of time wasted to restart and to deal with unresponsive apps are the reasons users don’t embrace Windows phones. Now, why would people be inclined to buy a Windows phone so that they could torture themselves when everything is from the same old Microsoft?

If Microsoft could fully understand why consumers are not buying Surface tablets or Windows Phones, they might do a better job with their OS. Creating a single platform to ease development is inward looking. On the surface, it benefits consumers, but I don’t believe it is focusing on creating the best user experience. Tailoring experience for each device is not the same as starting with the users in mind and creating a usable and enjoyable experience that meets their needs. Sorry, I hope you get the idea that we don’t want one size fits all, we prefer to alternatives optimized for mobile users in mind.



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