Products I launched

I created this page to highlight products that I defined and launched over the past several years.

Peregrine Semiconductors

Main push for 2013 is to launch RF products that support high frequency and high power. Significant accomplishments include best in class linearity with high power handling of 36 dBm at 8 GHz (broadband RF switch) and power handling of +40 dBm CW at 2.6 GHz. These type of performance are generally not found in CMOS RF devices, so we certainly managed to push the envelope with UltraCMOS technology. The following products were announced at MTT 2013 in June 2013:

PE42520: 13 GHz SPDT UltraCMOS Switch  High Frequency Switch

PE42850: 17 Watts High Power SP5T UltraCMOS Switch

The following were more examples of products I l defined and launched.

PE42359: AEC-Q100 Grade 2 Automotive SPDT UltraCMOS Switch

PE42750: SPDT CATV UltraCMOS® Switch

PE42430: SP3T UltraCMOS® Reflective RF Switch

PE42421 SPDT UltraCMOS® Reflective RF Switch

PE42422: SPDT UltraCMOS® Reflective RF Switch

PE42540: SP4T Absorptive UltraCMOS® RF Switch


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