Apple’s rumored iPad keyboard? Bring it on, say keyboard makers | Apple – CNET News

Apple’s rumored iPad keyboard? Bring it on, say keyboard makers | Apple – CNET News

Interesting, an iPad with integrated keyboard? Sort of like an ASUS Transformer? iPad transforms into a clamshell laptop, that would be cool. Only question is, how thick will this device be? How much weight will it add? Will the keyboard be as comfortable and natural as a regular laptop?


RFMD commences production of new PAs and power management ICs

RFMD commences production of new PAs and power management ICs.

Envelope Tracking PAs from RFMD is certainly a step forward for GaAS PA vendors. From the press announcement, RFMD’s new PAs support both APT (Average Power Tracking) and ET (Envelope Tracking). No specific performance improvement was given in the press release. This was also the case for Qualcomm‘s RF360 chipset. The two ET enabled PAs mentioned in the press release from RFMD were RF7389 and RF8085, however, datasheets for these 2 parts are not available on their web site.

Would be interesting to see which handset OEMs will be shipping RFMD ET solutions. This definitely puts the pressure on Qualcomm and other competitors in the handset PA space.


Qualcomm Mirasol Display Technology

This is really cool IMOD technology from Qualcomm. After backing off from the limelight for a few years, Qualcomm is back with the Toq watch based on the Mirasol display technology in September. According to Qualcomm’s annual report, they are pursuing licensing of this display technology. It implies that Qualcomm is continuing to research and to enhance its Intellectual portfolio on display rather than move it into production.

The following video explains this technology and how it works.

What to expect from Apple’s Oct. 22 event: iPads, Macs, Mavericks & more

What to expect from Apple's Oct. 22 event: iPads, Macs, Mavericks & more.

My wish list for new ipad gen 5 is a smaller, thinner frame, lighter ipad, Apple A7X CPU, 16 GB memory, multi-user login and higher resolution rear camera. Also, would be really nice if they throw in the finger id with it.

I am so impressed with Kindle Fire HDX that I might consider getting it as well. Let’s see what the ipad will be. Hopefully, slightly more cost effective 🙂

MediaTek moves on Qualcomm by powering LTE, 64-bit smartphones –

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MediaTek moves on Qualcomm by powering LTE, 64-bit smartphones –

I read with great interest on the comment that Qualcomm’s dominance has resulted in “distorted pricing”. It is obvious that Mediatek will be enabling lower cost LTE solutions as it pushes hard to enter LTE market and to enable 64-bit mobile computing.

Another point that was highlighted in this writeup is the licensing of Arm Cortex-A50 series processor cores. No word on what Mediatek plans to do with the A53 and A57 cores, but they are following the leads of AMD, Broadcom, HiSilicon and Samsung.

It remains to be seen how the competition is going to heat up in the next few quarters.

Inside iPhone 5S

Really like this marketing slide deck shared by JJWu. Very informative.