Perhaps Steve Job’s own health condition compelled him to be more compassionate about other critically ill people. Even a simple “OK” touched so many people. Not sure if Steve Job realized that his approval lifted the spirits of an Apple employee!

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During the 12+ years I worked at Apple I never met with Steve Jobs for work purposes. Of course like all Apple employees I saw Steve in Caffé Macs or walking with Jony Ive around the courtyard inside the Infinite Loop campus. And of course there were Comm meetings that he would run. But I didn’t have any direct contact. Until…
In March 2010, just a couple of weeks before the iPad was due to be released publicly, I had a reason to contact Steve. A friend of mine was dying of liver disease and I was going to San Francisco to hopefully see and communicate with her while it was still possible. She was a friend from my Adobe days and was very much into technology. I thought it would be a treat for her to see an iPad. And I had one. But until the product was…

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Product Management vs Product Marketing

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Taken from The Pragmatic Marketer Volume 7 issue 5 2009.

My take away from this survey is that Product Manager does more project related work and detailed specifications.  Product Marketing is more focused on customers, sales presentations and marketing programs. Still there is a lot of overlap between the two.

Product management vs. Project management

Here is another interesting article about the difference between Product Manager and Project Manager. In some companies, Project Managers are known as Program Manager. I also know of one company that merge the two functions into the Product Manager role.

Product management vs. Project management : How To Be A Good Product Manager: Product management tips.

What Does a Product Line Manager Do?

Here is a write up of what a Product Line Manager does. 

There is no discussion of what a product line is. A product line is really a product category. It can be classified by markets or by product types. Another way to look at it is a group of products within the same product mix that are related by function or customers. Examples of a product line in a semiconductor company would be Power management product line or networking product line.

Semiconductor Product Line Manager supervises Product Managers, Marketing Managers, Product Applications Engineers